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Matthew & Nicole

OESO Announces Reorganization

January 13th

OESO is undergoing a reorganization to better serve our customers.

Recommendations to Prevent Slips & Falls during Winter Weather

December 20th

Some tips to avoid slips & falls outdoors


New Findings Affect Research Containment for Handling Adeno-associated Virus (AAV)

November 2nd

AAV will now need to be handled at BSL2 instead of BSL1.

Resources for Laboratories

OESO Introduces Resources for Laboratories

October 13th

Chemical safety resources will help labs identify hazards and safe practices

We are committed to providing expertise in safety and health

Duke University and Duke University Health System are committed to fostering excellence and leadership in education, healthcare delivery, medical teaching and research. The Occupational and Environmental Safety Office (OESO) exists to support this Institutional effort by promoting a safe environment for the Duke Community that is conducive to achieving such excellence while providing the highest level of customer service possible. OESO is committed to providing expertise in safety and health in a friendly, responsive and enthusiastic manner.