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The Pediatric Interventional Networking Group is used by medical physics and interventional radiology professionals who are interested in the technical and policy aspects of radiation dose management in the setting of interventional pediatric radiology. There are no membership fees or other costs associated with membership in this networking group. If you are a member of the public with questions about this topic, you should visit our 'Public' portal, or the other Web resources available on our home page.

To register for group membership, please complete the form below. The fields marked with * are required. Use the electronic mail address at which you would like to receive communications from DRDL. Click the 'Send to DRDL' button when you have completed the form.

Following receipt of your registration information at DRDL, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. The confirmation e-mail message will include your group user name and password.

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By using this Web registration form, you agree to the following:

(1) You are a professional who wishes to collaborate with other professionals in fields related to medical radiation dosimetry on the above topic. Members of the public with questions should visit our 'Public' portal or other Web resources available on this site.

(2) You will use this networking opportunity for educational puropses only. Advertising or promotion of commercial goods or services is not permitted.

(3) You allow us to provide other users of the networking group with your e-mail and regular mail addresses for purposes of disseminating information related to the topic of the group.