Radioactive Waste FAQ

From where do I get the one gallon liquid jugs?

We no longer provide those.  You may use any container that is chemical compatible with the liquid you are using.  The container must have a screw top cap and not leak.  VWR or usplastics.com are two places you can buy similar jugs.

Why can't we put our radioactive waste in biohazard bags?

Since the waste is not biohazardous you cannot use biohazard bags. You may only use biohazard bags in the carcass drums.

How do I dispose of sharps?

Sharps need to be placed in sharps containers.  The sharps containers can then be barcoded and submitted as waste.  If they are small enough and can fit, you may place them in your dry waste drum, but be sure to barcode them.

How do I dispose of lead pigs or shielding?

Make sure the lead is not contaminated by performing a swipe test and then you can submit it as chemical waste.

How do I dispose of acrylic shielding?

First try to see if another lab can use it. If not, then remove all radioactive labels and perform a  swipe test for contamination. If clean, then the shielding can be put in the regular trash.