Ergonomic Patient Care

DUHS Safe Patient Handling Program

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The “minimal manual lift environment” (MMLE) began in 2004 at Duke University Hospital (DUH) under the leaderships of Mary Ann Fuchs, vice president of patient care and system chief nurse executive for DUHS, and Tamara James, director ergonomics division.  The MMLE was incorporated into the falls prevention initiative in 2009.

The purpose of the safe patient handling program is: 

  • To provide for the safety of the patients and staff during all patient handling tasks and movement
  • To enhance quality of care and patient satisfaction
  • To reduce the work intensity involved with handling or lifting patients.

Various types of patient lifts and devices are available at DUH, Durham Regional Hospital, Duke Raleigh Hospital, and some areas in the ambulatory settings.

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For questions or additional information related to safe patient handling equipment options or training, contact: Yeu-Li Yeung, Patient Care Ergonomics Coordinator.  Phone:  (919) 681-4440