Laboratory Working Height Guidelines

Laboratory workbenches should be adjusted to the proper height for the task at hand.  Use the following guidelines, and adjust as necessary depending on the task performed.  Note that the ideal setup would provide multiple height workbenches to accommodate a wide variety of users.

Precision Work: 
Working height of hands should be 44 to 46 inches from the floor (2 to 4 inches above elbow height).

Light Work:
Working height of hands should be 41 to 42 inches from the floor (equal or slightly below elbow height)

Heavy Work:
Working height of hands should be between 32 and 38 inches from the floor (4 – 10 inches below elbow height)

Additional Preventive Measures:

  1. Use adjustable chairs or lab stools.
  2. Maintain foot support when feet cannot rest flat on the floor.  Use either a standard footrest or an adjustable foot ring attached to the lab stool.
  3. Use anti-fatigue mats if you will be standing for long periods of time while working at the laboratory workbench.
  4. Remove drawers, supplies and other materials underneath workbenches to provide legroom.