Chemical Exchange Program

OESO has developed the Chemical Exchange Program to aid Duke University researchers in reducing the need to purchase chemicals while increasing the reuse of unused or partially used chemicals between laboratories.  Using exchange chemicals can also reduce laboratory operating costs and disposal costs.

The Chemical Exchange Program site operates similar to an online bulletin board.  You will need to log onto the site using your NetID and password.  You can then post what chemicals you would like to exchange or browse the other posts.  If you find a chemical that interests you, simply post a reply on the board and work out the exchange.

This program is restricted to the Duke University community. While OESO hosts the Exchange site, we do not verify nor guarantee the purity of chemicals in this program. 

How to Use the Chemical Exchange

If a laboratory, clinic, or other support service has chemicals they would like to offer on the exchange, you need to do the following:

  • Log into the Chemical Exchange Program SharePoint Site using your NetID and password.
  • First and last Name of offeror
  • Building and room number chemical(s) located.
  • Chemical name
  • Purity Grade (Lab, Technical, Reagent, HPLC, etc)
  • Container size and type
  • Has the container been opened?  Yes or No
  • Certification statement to attest to chemical quality