Changes to Lab Safety - General
August 1st, 2018

Lab Safety General training split into three shorter courses.

The Laboratory Safety Division of OESO has rolled out training changes intended to break up the old “Laboratory Safety – General” training into shorter training modules, one of which will be required less frequently. Content previously in “Laboratory Safety – General” is now in three separate online trainings:

  • Fire/Life safety – due annually, takes about 3 minutes to complete
  • Hazard Communication for Laboratory Personnel – due before working in the lab, then again after 1 year, then every three years
  • Laboratory Safety – General – this class has been shortened and now covers basic laboratory safety, personal protective equipment, chemical hygiene, chemical waste overview, and basic biosafety.

The Fire Safety and Hazard Communication content were removed from the Laboratory Safety – General course on 7/20/2018. Those who took Lab Safety – General on 7/19 or earlier will be due for all three of the above online training modules one year from the completion date of Laboratory Safety – General.

Many laboratory personnel received automated emails from our office on August 1st with erroneous due dates for the new course “Hazard Communication for Laboratory Personnel”. The due dates on individual training records are correct. Please disregard the due dates in the automated emails.

If you have any questions, please email labsafety@dm.duke.edu.