The Compliance Update Module is Migrating
June 20th, 2020

The Compliance Update module is migrating on May 18th

The course CC104 Compliance Update training is moving to the Duke LMS on May 18th. You will be able to find it on the LMS by searching for Compliance Annual Update or use LMS course ID: DUHSCOMP Annual. The link for this course will remain on the OESO site until June 18th, containing this information. It will be removed after that. Completion data will not be recorded by the OESO site for this course. OESO will also stop sending reminder e-mails when the course migrates. The LMS system will be sending its own reminder e-mails.

Reports to check on compliance for the course will need to be generated using the LMS reporting system. Directions for how to generate those reports can be found here.

CC105, Compliance Orientation, and CC106, Compliance Update for Clinical Labs, which are already on the Duke LMS system, will also have their links removed from the OESO site as well on June 18th. Their completion data will similarly not be sent back to OESO and they will also require the use of the LMS reporting tool to check for compliance.

For Questions - Please Contact: Bonni Baird (919) 684-4976 or bonni.baird@duke.edu