Updated Safety App and Emergency Information
July 17th, 2019
Live Safe App

Duke’s LiveSafe App has been updated and links to new OESO Emergency pages.

Recent updates to Duke’s LiveSafe App include revised information about responding to fires and hazardous materials incidents. The App now links to OESO’s new Emergency pages, which are designed to be easy to view in a mobile platform.

Employees, staff and students are encouraged to download the LiveSafe App, available for iPhone and Android devices. In addition to the OESO-related information, LiveSafe includes a popular “SafeWalk” feature and allows users to easily message Duke Police or send them an incident report along with a photo. For more information about the updated App, see the recent DukeToday article and YouTube video about how to use it.

The DukeMobile App, also available for Android and iPhone, offers several features not present in LiveSafe, including campus maps, the campus calendar, and the Duke telephone directory. The two Apps complement each other in providing quick mobile access to a broad range of information about Duke.