Waste Minimization at Duke University and Duke Health
May 22nd, 2017
Waste Minimization by Recycling  / Reuse

The chart above shows specific examples of how The Environmental Programs Division of OESO is working to minimize the amount of actual waste by incorporating methods like Recycling/Reuse and Source Reduction. It is important that every member of the Duke University community be aware of the environmental and financial impacts related to the disposal of hazardous wastes and materials and to help minimize the volumes that are generated. Duke University consists of many different research laboratories, with most generating hazardous waste. The waste comes from the research laboratories, the hospital, and facilities as a result of routine activities, single time experiments, unused but no longer needed reagent chemicals, and poor purchasing practices or inventory control. It is important that proper waste management be an integral part of the operating procedures.

View the Waste Minimization Plan for Duke University and Duke Health here.