Recommendations to Prevent Slips & Falls during Winter Weather
December 14th, 2016

Some tips to avoid slips & falls outdoors

  • When temperatures have been at or below freezing, BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR ICE/ FROST.
    • Ice may form where drainage from a rainy day crosses a sidewalk or parking area.
    • Ice may form where snow melt crosses a sidewalk or parking area.
    • Ice may form wherever water has collected (e.g., potholes, depressions, roof downspouts)
    • Frost may form on elevated walking surfaces (e.g., roofs, decks)
    • If the surface appears wet, it may be “black ice.”
  • AVOID WALKING ON ICE AND PACKED SNOW: Use cleared paths whenever possible.
  • BE CAUTIOUS WHEN CROSSING SNOW/ ICE: Packed snow (from people walking or driving on it the previous day) can be extremely slippery and melted snow can refreeze overnight to create a slippery hazard. Areas that appear “wet” may actually be “black ice.” Be cautious and hold hand or stair rails where available.
  • REPORT ICY STAIRS/ SIDEWALKS TO MAINTENANCE. (FMD: 684‐2122/ E&O: 684‐3232/ RLHS Campus Office: 684‐5320, 684‐5486, 684‐5813)
  • WEAR APPROPRIATE SHOES FOR THE WALK INTO WORK. If these shoes are not appropriate for your work area, carry your work shoes into work or leave them in your work area.
  • ENSURE YOUR FEET HAVE GOOD TRACTION: Before attempting to push/ pull any object while standing on snow/ ice, be sure you have good traction, otherwise you may slip & fall.

There are a variety of products available (as pictured below) to help improve the traction of footwear during icy conditions.  

Companies that sell these products may be found on the internet.  Here are some links to a few. 

YakTrax                              STABILicer                           DueNorth                            Kahtoola