General Safety

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Trenching and Excavations

A program for reviewing trenching and excavations to ensure personnel will not be at risk of injury or death because of cave-ins.

OSHA Guide to Daily Inspections of Trenches and Excavation
NC OSHA Guide to the OSHA Excavations Standard
OSHA Trenching and Excavation eTool

Construction Safety

Ensuring that appropriate safety regulations are followed during construction and renovation projects.

Duke Contractor Safety Guidebook
OSHA Construction Safety eTool
OSHA Construction Hazards Quick Card (English & Spanish)
OSHA Construction Personal Protective Equipment Quick Card

Machine Guarding

Review to ensure all potentially hazardous mechanical equipment has adequate guarding to prevent personnel injuries.

OSHA Checklist for Abrasive Wheel Equipment Grinders
OSHA Amputation Fact Sheet
OSHA Machine Guarding eTool

Electrical Safety

A program focused on minimizing electrical hazards. Read about  Electrical Safety in the Safety Manual.

Electrical Safety Policy Checklist
Assured Equipment Ground Conductor Program Log
NIOSH Electrical Safety Student Manual
NIOSH Electrical Safety for Engineers Module
OSHA's Construction Safety eTool: Electrical Incidents
OSHA Electrical Safety Quick Card: English | Spanish
OSHA Fact Sheet - Working Safely with Electricity
OSHA Fact Sheet - Electrical Hazards in Labs

Ladder Safety

A program for training and providing information to employees with the goal of eliminating ladder related injuries and requiring the safe use of all ladder types.

Working Safely with Stepladders at Duke
OSHA Pub 3124 - Stairways and Ladders
OSHA Ladder Safety eTool
OSHA Portable Ladder Safety Quick Card

Fall Protection

A program for protecting employees working at heights from injuries associated with falling.

Fall Protection Policy
NC OSHA Guide to Fall Prevention in Industry
OSHA Falls Prevention eTool

Scaffolding Safety 

Ensuring that appropriate safety regulations are followed during scaffolding use.

NC OSHA Guide to Safe Scaffolding
NC OSHA Scaffolding Fact Sheet
Scaffold User in the Construction Industry
Narrow Frame Scaffolds - Fact Sheet
Ladder Jack Scaffolds - Fact Sheet
Tube and Coupler Scaffolds - Erection and Use Fact Sheet
Tube and Coupler Scaffolds - Planning and Design Fact Sheet

Other General Safety Topics

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