Fire and Life Safety

Hock Plaza 1
2424 Erwin Rd., Suite 204
Box #2738 DUHS
Durham, NC 27710
919-684-5609 Fax: 919-684-8427

Knipper, Fred

Director, Fire and Life Safety
Phone: 919-668-3231
Email: fred.knipper@duke.edu

Allan, Chris, MPA

Safety & Health Specialist
Phone: 919-668-3233
Email: chris.allan@duke.edu

Andino, Gregory

Safety & Health Specialist
Phone: 919-668-3230
Email: gregory.andino@duke.edu

Brewington, Artie

Administrative Assistant I
Phone: 919-668-0781
Email: artie.brewington@duke.edu

Clark, Tyrone

Safety Technician
Phone: 919-668-4181
Email: tyrone.clark@duke.edu

Lyons, Carl

Safety Technician
Phone: 919-668-3237
Email: carl.lyons@duke.edu

McSorley, Robert

Safety Associate
Phone: 919-668-0796
Email: robert.mcsorley@duke.edu

Murphy, Steven

Safety & Health Specialist
Phone: 919-668-3234
Email: steve.murphy@duke.edu

Pass, Sam

Safety & Health Specialist
Phone: 919-668-3240
Email: samuel.pass@duke.edu

Roberts, Daniel

Safety & Health Specialist
Phone: 919-668-3236
Email: daniel.l.roberts@duke.edu

Rojo, Joe

Safety & Health Specialist
Phone: 919-668-3232
Email: jose.rojo@duke.edu

Schellhaas, Wayne

Safety Technician
Phone: 919-668-3238
Email: wayne.schellhaas@duke.edu

Stewart, Steven

Safety Supervisor
Construction Projects and Automatic Fire Protection Systems Supervisor

Phone: 919-668-3239
Email: steven.stewart@duke.edu