Occupational Hygiene and Safety

Diet and Fitness Center
501 Douglas Street, Suite 151
Box #3387 DUHS
Durham, NC 27710
919-684-5996 Fax: 919-681-5916
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Greeson, Nicole, MS, CIH

Director, Occupational Hygiene and Safety
Phone: 919-684-2803
Email: nicole.greeson@duke.edu

Cachafeiro, Carol, CSP

Safety & Health Specialist II
Phone: 919-684-5495
Email: carol.cachafeiro@duke.edu

Caler, Stephanie, MPH, CIH, CSP, REHS

Safety & Health Specialist III
Phone: 919-684-4898
Email: stephanie.caler@duke.edu

Fogg, Frankie

Safety Associate
Phone: 919-684-6134
Email: frankie.fogg@duke.edu

Kirwan, Robin

Safety & Health Specialist II
Phone: 919-684-5703
Email: robin.kirwan@duke.edu

LaPorte, Jim

Safety Associate
Phone: 919-684-5925
Email: james.laporte@duke.edu

Wille, David

Safety & Health Specialist I
Phone: 919-681-7424
Email: david.wille@duke.edu

Wilson, Athena

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 919-684-5996
Email: athena.wilson@duke.edu