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Environment of Care (EOC) Management Plans

Environment of Care (EOC) refers to any site where patients are treated, including inpatient and outpatient settings. The main objective of the EOC is to provide a safe, functional & effective environment for patients, staff members, and others. The EOC is managed through seven primary functions. These functions, the person responsible for the function and the management plans are listed below.

Duke Hospital Management PlansResponsible Person
Safety ManagementMatthew Stiegel
SecurityBradley Schlitz
Hazardous Materials 
        Biological Materials
        Medical Waste
        Chemical Materials
        Chemical & Radiological Waste
        Radioactive Materials
Antony Schwartz
Dave Bass
Nicole Greeson
Matthew Stiegel
Chu Wang
Fire Safety/Life SafetyChris Allan
Medical EquipmentBen Scoggins
Utility ManagementScott Martin