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Occupational Hygiene & Safety

Occupational Hygiene & Safety Division


The Occupational Hygiene & Safety Division coordinates the programs for evaluating, controlling, or eliminating both health and safety hazards in the workplace.


    Duke Health Douglas Street
    Physical Address: 501 Douglas Street, Suite 151, Durham, NC 27710
    Mailing Address: Box 3387, Durham, NC 27710
    Phone: 919-684-5996 Fax: 919-681-5916

    Office Location Map

    In addition to the programs on the menu, OHS Division -

    • Performs audits covering diverse occupational exposures. The audit process includes a hazard assessment followed by a review of policies and training related to the identified hazards.
    • Conducts investigations of employee accidents related to equipment, grounds and safety awareness
    • Assists in the design, testing and evaluation of engineered safety devices and controls
    • Reviews and clears animal research protocols
    • Provides input in the design phase of new building construction