Laboratory Safety

The Laboratory Safety Program is an interdisciplinary team within the Duke Occupational & Environmental Safety Office. The Program relies on staff from The Biological Safety Division, The Occupational Hygiene and Safety Division, Environmental Programs, and The Fire Safety Division.  The Laboratory Safety Program provides guidance for lab personnel who handle or are exposed to hazards in the laboratory. This is accomplished through the development of policies and training programs that are based on regulatory requirements or current safety guidelines.

Examples of this work include:

  • Development of the Laboratory Safety Manual.
  • Provision of online and in-person training (such as the General Laboratory Safety online training and in-person training for Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Officers).
  • Assisting each laboratory with hazard identification and control during the laboratory safety evaluations and other audits.
  • Consulting with researchers on safety precautions for high-hazard processes.
  • Reviewing laboratory injuries and incidents and sharing lessons learned through a variety of communication platforms including the Laboratory Safety News Blog.