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Site Specific Fire Plans

Duke University & Health System Site Specific Fire Plans

Your Site-Specific Fire Plan (SSFP) consists of two parts.  Part I contains information specific to your work area.  To access this document, click on the link below and select your organization and your specific work area.  Print this document, have the manager/supervisor sign it, and store it in your work area as the cover page for Part II of the SSFP.   

Note: The prefix on the document title is your fire zone. 

Site Specific Fire Plans Part I

Part II of the SSFP contains generic information that applies to all Duke facilities. Print this document and store it in your work area with Part I of the SSFP.   

If your department/work area is located in more than one fire zone, be sure to print a copy of Part I and Part II for each zone.  You will not need to return a copy of the signature page of the SSFP to Fire Safety - signatures are to be retained by the department/work area.  If you need assistance in locating your SSFP, please contact Occupational and Environmental Safety at 919-684-2794.