University Safety Manual

The policy documents are in .PDF format. If you are unable to view them, you can download the latest Adobe Reader here.

Table of Contents

I. General

1. Introduction 
2. Responsibilities 
3. Reporting of Injuries/Illnesses
4. Hazard Determination/Control
5. Safety Training Policy
6. Minors/Non-Employees in Work Areas
7. Reproductive Health
8. Fieldwork Safety

II. General Hygiene/Safety

1. Personal Protective Equipment
2. Respiratory Protection
3. Occupational Noise Exposure
4. Hazardous Materials 
5. Ergonomics
6. Vehicle Safety
7. Asbestos Management

III. Occupational Safety

1. Hazardous Energy Control
2. Work in Confined Spaces
3. Electrical Safety 
4. Academic Shop Safety
5. Fall Protection

IV. Fire/Life Safety

1. Fire Protection
2. Construction/Interim Life Safety

V. Chemical Safety

1. Chemicals in Laboratories
2. Hazard Communication

VI. Biological Safety

1a. Bloodborne Pathogens - Hospital and Clinics
1b. Bloodborne Pathogens - Research Laboratories
2. Tuberculosis Control

VII. Waste Management

1. Chemical Waste Management
2. Radioactive Waste Management
3. Medical Waste Management

VIII. Supplements

Duke University Hazard Report
Reproductive Hazards
Flammable Storage in Refrigerators
Lumbar Support Belt Policy
Vehicle Safety Review Check Sheet
Confined Space Entry Form
Construction Safety Bulletin Board
Contractor Safety Guide
Powered Industrial Truck Safety
Safety Data Sheet Terms
SDS Request Form
Emergency Eyewash & Shower Equip.
Chemical Waste Management Policy
Radioactive Waste Management Policy
Hot Work Permit Program
Voluntary Use of Respiratory Protection
Hazardous Drugs Policy
Child Resistant Receptacles in Medical Treatment Facilities
PPE Selection Guidelines and Quick Reference Guide
PPE Hazard Assessment Certificate
Safety Guidelines for Fieldwork