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Radiation Safety Training Requirements

The Institutional Radiation Safety Committees (both University and Medical Center) have established an institutional requirement of annual training of all radiation workers .


  • All radiation workers (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, lab technicians, and assistant professors) in radioactive materials (RAM) labs are required to complete an annual Radiation Safety Update Training. These brief Web-based sessions provide a review of basic radiation safety principles, as well as policy updates and suggestions for improved techniques. Didactic, laboratory-specific sessions may also be arranged by contacting Dr. Robert Reiman at 919-668-3186.
  • All Authorized Users are responsible for ensuring that their workers satisfy this institutional policy.
  • All new workers must complete a one-time Radiation Safety Orientation before they may work with radioactive materials . This orientation, which is directed to employees who have little or no prior experience with radiation, covers the basic principles of radiation protection. o permit new workers to fulfill the Orientation requirement as quickly as possible, Web-based "on-line" training materials are available. These can be reviewed at any time. Successful completion of the on-line presentation, including completing a brief quiz, will satisfy the Orientation requirement.

Summary of Course Offerings

Course Title










Online Laboratory Worker Orientation (RS-330)

One Time


On-line Training

Web Based Presentation. Verification of participation by test.






Radiation Safety Update



Online or by Appointment

Review of Radiation Protection Techniques; Helpful Procedures






Radiation Safety Orientation for Laboratory Directors/Managers (RS-320)

One Time

Second Thursday of each month. 1pm -2pm 
By Appointment Only

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Regulatory / Policy aspects of setting up and managing a radiation laboratory.


If you have any questions, please email or contact at the 
Radiation Safety Division (