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Pharmaceutical Waste

Environmental Programs provides support to the Health System to manage the generation and handling of hazardous drug waste, evaluate environmental risks, and ensure compliance with applicable environmental regulations.

Hospitals and Hospital Based Clinics

  • All patient care area in Duke University Hospital that dispense Hazardous Drugs regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency have “Blue Bins” installed in at least one of the following locations 1) individual patient rooms, 2) med stations, and/or 3) soiled linen rooms. Contact OESO at 684-2794 for additional information, questions, or Submit a Blue Bin Pickup Request when the bin is full. Note: All bins must be closed unless adding or removing waste.
  • List of drugs requiring Blue Bin disposal
  • On-line Training (Pharmaceutical Hazardous Waste Management at DUH WSW904B) is available through SWANK.
  • PDF of Training

Ambulatory Sites