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Biological Materials Reporting System (BMRS)

Access the Biological Materials Reporting System

The BMRS can be accessed through the “Laboratory Safety and Waste Management” system. You will need to log-in using your Duke credentials. 

What is the BMRS and Why Should We Use It?

The Biological Materials Reporting System (BMRS) is a reporting tool used by Duke Principal Investigators or their designees to inform the Occupational and Environmental Safety Office (OESO) about the biological materials they store and/or use. The BMRS will be used as a means for laboratories to collaborate with OESO on creating standard operating procedures (SOP).

The BMRS will be housed within the “Laboratory Safety and Waste Management” portal that many laboratory contacts are already familiar with and use regularly. Please note that this is NOT an inventory tracking system {i.e., we are NOT interested in tracking the number of vials per material (except for exempt quantity select toxins)}; we simply would like to know what biological materials are in Duke’s facilities, similar to the “Targeted Chemical Reporting System” that many PIs already use.

How to Use the BMRS to Successfully Report/Modify Biological Materials

Use this step-by-step “How-To Guide” when entering or modifying information in the BMRS.

Frequently Ask Questions


For Help with BMRS

If you have any questions or concerns regarding BMRS, please contact the OESO Biological Safety Division at 919-684-8822