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Environment of Care (EOC)

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Environment of Care (EOC) refers to any site where patients are treated, including inpatient and outpatient settings. That includes: the building or physical space, patients, visitors, employees, and anyone entering the environment. EOC also includes the equipment used to operate physical space and support patient care. OESO performs EOC rounds yearly using the tools found above in the Quick Links section. You may use them as a guide to make sure your areas are always prepared.

EOC Training

The main objective of the EOC is to provide a safe, functional & effective environment for patients, staff members, and others. The EOC is managed through six primary functions: safety, security, fire and life safety, medical equipment, utility management, and hazardous material and waste. Duke employees entering the Duke environment are required to familiarize themselves with our entity specific plans and will be required to take the annual online training.  

Contact Information

Sarah Mikati, RN, MSN at or 919-681-4639