Recommended Seating From the Duke Furniture Standards Program

All chairs at this website meet the recommendations of the Duke Ergonomics Program. These recommendations ensure that the chair can be fitted to each individual user and that the user can easily adjust the chair to vary his or her posture throughout the day. An ergonomic evaluation is not needed when considering new chairs. Follow your department’s policy on the approval and purchase of chairs.

Required Chair Features

Chair Selection Process:

  1. Determine which chair vendor your department orders from.
  2. Know your budget.
  3. Go to CBI, Price Modern, or Alfred Williams vendor to schedule an appointment to go to the showroom and try out sample chairs from our recommended list in the table below. *Bring the list of recommended chairs and adjust each chair so you are sitting with your feet flat on the ground, hips and knees at the same height, with the lumbar support at your low back curve. Ask the rep for assistance with identifying the chair features as well as various options available for the chair.
  4. Choose 2-3 of the most comfortable chairs, and ask to coordinate sample deliveries for trial use.
  5. Once you have selected a chair, after the trial period, ask the vendor for a price quote.
  6. Generate a purchase request per your department’s protocol.
  7. For department-wide purchases, purchase 2-3 different style chairs to accommodate users of varying sizes and preferences.  These chairs can be upholstered to coordinate in fabric and color.

Big and Tall Chairs

Chairs used more than 4 hours

Chairs used less than 4 hours

Stool Height Chairs

Specialty Stools

Chair Vendor Contact Information