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Lab Management and Safety Resources

Lab Management and Safety Resources

This collection of checklists and templates below may be used to help those responsible for managing research labs. The overview file has links to and information about the other listed documents. Most items are voluntary, required items are double starred in the overview file. Feel free to modify any of the documents below to suit the needs of your lab.

Overview of Lab Management and Safety Resources

Chemical Risk Assessment Tool

Risk assessment is an important part of safely conducting research. The OESO Lab Safety Division has developed a tool to help you to identify different hazards in your research, evaluate the risks posed by those hazards, decide how you will mitigate those hazards, and assess how well your controls have worked after you have run the experiment.

News Blog

Duke Lab Safety News - Check out the Lab Safety Program’s blog for lab safety announcements and hazard alerts. Emails are sent periodically to all Principal Investigators and Lab Safety Contacts to announce new content.

Lessons Learned

The following sites compile lessons learned from lab accidents.


Videos can complement hazard-specific training in any lab. The sites below have short videos related to safe work with various hazards in labs.