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X-Ray Safety Program

The Radiation Safety Division supports both the academic and medical use x-ray equipment across the Duke University campus and other Duke affiliated facilities. Our responsibilities include:

  • Equipment registration and compliance with State and Federal regulations
  • On-site audits to ensure compliance with Duke radiation safety policy
  • Online and in-person safety training
  • Radiation detector calibrations and loans
  • Personnel monitoring through the use of dosimeters 
  • Technical and safety consultation including facility design and shielding plans
  • 24 hour emergency response 

Authorization and Registration

All use of x-ray equipment at Duke must be performed under the authorization of an approved X-ray Authorized User (XAU). To apply for a new x-ray authorization, complete and submit the Application for X-ray Authorization form [link to attached form].
Before the acquisition, relocation or disposal of any x-ray equipment, XAUs are required to consult the Radiation Safety Division for radiation safety and regulatory compliance items including:

  • Equipment vendor and installer qualification: North Carolina x-ray equipment vendor and service provider registration required, respectively
  • Equipment registration
  • Shielding evaluation and radiation survey
  • Training
  • Radiation monitoring
  • Confirmation of disposal
  • Other technical and safety consultations if applicable