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Radioactive Materials

Radioactive Materials Program Overview

The Radiation Safety Division supports both the academic and medical use of radioactive materials across the Duke University campus and other Duke affiliated facilities. Our responsibilities include:

  • Licensing and compliance with State and Federal regulations
  • On-site audits to ensure compliance with Duke Radiation safety     policy
  • Online and in-person safety training
  • Radiation detector calibrations and loans
  • Personnel monitoring through the use of dosimeters and bioassays
  • Facilitation of radioactive material shipping and handling
  • Technical and safety consultation
  • 24 hour emergency response 

Radioactive Material Authorization

Possession and use of radioactive materials at Duke requires an Authorization granted by the appropriate institutional Radiation Safety Committee. See the Radiation Safety Manual for more details.

To apply for a non-human use radioactive material Authorization or to make changes to your existing Authorization, use the following forms:

The Radiation Safety Manual and the forms are available on the "Documents" page of OESO's web site. For a human-use radioactive material Authorization, contact the OESO Radiation Safety Division for more details on the requirements.