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Personnel Dosimetry

Duke employees who work with radiation sources (including x-ray machines, CT scanners, portable C-arms, irradiators, etc.) or radioactive materials may be required to wear a personnel dosimeter ("film badge"). Whether or not you need a dosimeter depends upon your individual circumstances. If you have a question about whether or not you need a dosimeter, contact Radiation Safety at (919) 684-2194. For instructions on how to wear your dosimeters and read your dosimetry reports, see our Personnel Dosimeter Tutorial.

Here's how to obtain a dosimeter:

  1. Fill out the online request form on our Dosimetry Registry. After you log in, click the "Request Film Badge" button and fill in the electronic form. Your data will be sent directly to Radiation Safety, along with an automatic email notification. Alternatively, you can download and print a "Personnel Dosimeter Request and Radiation Exposure History" form from the OESO Web site, or call OESO at (919)684-2194 to obtain a form. You can fax your completed form to (919)668-2783.
  2. Contact one of Radiation Safety staff members above and let them know that you want to obtain a dosimeter.

If you lose your dosimeter, contact us obtain a replacement as soon as possible. Do not wear another person's dosimeter, and do not wear a dosimeter marked as a "Control" ! If a replacement dosimeter is not needed immediately, you can download a "Certificate of Lost Badge" from the OESO Web site, and return it to us via fax at (919)668-2783.

If you have been monitored for radiation exposure at another employer in the past, you must complete and sign a release form so that Duke Radiation Safety can obtain your radiation exposure history. Download a "Radiation Exposure History Release" form and return it OESO via fax at (919)668-2783 or regular mail (Radiation Safety Division, Box 3155, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710).

Duke Employee Radiation Monitoring Program Resources: