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Hearing Conservation

When hearing loss occurs, it is permanent. Your hearing cannot be improved by any means after it is gone, so hearing conservation should be a priority for everyone. The OHS Division manages the Hearing Conservation Program, which includes evaluating noise exposures, training affected employees, recommending engineering controls and hearing protection, and assessing hearing loss.

If you have concerns about hearing loss, or questions about an audiogram, contact Employee Occupational Health & Wellness at 919-684-3136.

If you have any questions regarding the Hearing Conservation Program, please read about Occupational Noise Exposure in the Duke Safety Manual or consult our Hearing Conservation Info Sheet.   We can also be reached by calling 919-684-5996.

Additional information can be found at OSHA's Noise and Hearing Conservation page and NIOSH's Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention page. Employees may also review OSHA’s Occupational Noise standard (29 CFR 1910.95).

Evaluating Sound/ Noise Levels

If your work area or any equipment you use is particularly loud, we can measure your daily noise exposure and/or determine the sound levels produced by noisy machines and equipment.

One unpleasantly loud, but important sound warns of a potentially life-threatening condition in the work place: fire alarms.

For Hearing Conservation questions or if you would like to contact us about evaluating sound/ noise levels in your work place, please call 919-684-5996.