Respiratory Protection


This OSHA-regulated program covers selection, training, medical clearance, and respirator fit testing for personnel required to wear respirators for protection from occupational hazards. 

Read the Duke Respiratory Protection Policy in the Safety Manual.

Download a site-specific Medical Clearance Form.

Check out general OSHA resources on Respiratory Protection or link to the OSHA Technical Manual.

Wearing Respiratory Protection

If you need or want a respirator for lab animal allergies, please see our Lab Animal Allergy Information Sheet for other suggestions on reducing symptoms.

If you have or want a respirator for use in labs, please see our Respirator Use In Labs Info Sheet.

If you want to wear a respirator for "comfort" reasons (as opposed to a documented hazard) please read the Voluntary Respirator Info sheet .

Replacement parts and ordering information can be found here for the 3M Air-Mate PAPR and 3M Breathe Easy for Pharmacy Units.

Please contact us at 684-5996 if you have questions about respirators.

To schedule a fit test for an N-95 respirator used to protect against TB or other airborne pathogens, call Employee Occupational Health and Wellness at 684-3136 to learn about fit testing locations and times.

To schedule a fit test for any other respirator, call Occupational Hygiene and Safety at 684-5996. See this map for the fit testing location.